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Audi A1 Sportback: Officially revealed!

Audi A1 Sportback

Audi has officially revealed the 5-door Audi A1 Sportback which surely will give them another sales push.

The extra set of doors, which add 25kg to the overall kerbweight, have been neatly integrated into the A1’s smart exterior design, so to help visually separate the two, the Sportback comes with its own unique colour – Samoa Orange – and the entire roof can be had in a choice of three contrasting shades.

Surprisingly, the Sportback shares the same length and wheelbase measurements as its three-door counterpart – at 3.95 metres and 2.47 metres respectively – but it’s both wider and taller than before, which should help free up extra space for passengers in the back.

What’s more, the Sportback will also be fitted with a five-seat layout as standard, a first for the A1, although the four-seat configuration will still be available as a no cost option, and the 270-litre boot area remains unchanged.