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Audi R18 TDI: Driving report

Audi R18 TDI

Yes, you are reading right. Here’s a driving report with Audi’s Le Mans winning R18 TDI. Enjoy!

Allan McNish, who was driving the no. 3 R18 at the time of its accident, is also here to try the winning car, and to give me a few tips, so we jump in an A3 TDI for a few sighting laps. Thanks to the reverse direction, all the track’s corners are deceptive, tightening up the further you drive into them. It doesn’t feel at all natural and is tricky to learn, but there’s a good mix of turns and a decent straight, which leads into a very fast kink that feeds into another pair of curves and a compressed braking area into a 180-degree hairpin. McNish is his usual impish self, declaring with a grin ‘the first kink’s easy flat, the second too, and probably the third as well if I was really on it. Probably best you build up to it though, mate…’ I think he’s lying about the third curve. If he’s not, I ought to hang up my crash helmet now.