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Audi RS3 plus: Confirmed by internal ETKA database!

Audi RS3 plus

The long-rumored Audi RS3 plus seems to have been confirmed with the help of the Audi/VW internal ETKA database. A must see!

As with the S6, S7 and S8, power details and thus confirmation of the RS 3 plus comes via the Volkswagen Group’s ETKA parts database. PariasoMotor provides a screencapture that confirms power will be 360 hp (consistent with TT RS plus power figure) and that the RS 3 plus will be in production by April 2012.

ParaisoMotor also suggests the car may benefit from additional drop in weight or trim but this has yet to be seen or confirmed. Still, it’s obvious in photos like the one shown with the yellow car above that Audi AG’s executive team is continuing to experiment with the car’s packaging.

Audi RS3 plus