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Audi S1, Audi RS1: Latest engine intel!

Audi S1, Audi RS1

We found some new engine intel about the upcoming Audi S1 or Audi RS1. A must see!

If the above ETKA does refer to an A1 2.0 TFSI then that suggests the S1 will have even more power – all well and good but we have a theory this is an S1. We’re not the only ones who’ve spotted A1s at Audi’s HQ in Ingolstadt with “S1” badged clusters as seen above. The S1 is likely to drop soon and 250 is consistent with power already offered by cars like the TTS and S3. We’re guessing this listing is for the S1 but that given ETKA-based leaks on cars like the S7 that may have been easily found via searches, Audi has perhaps tried to hide the S1 in plain site by calling it A1… on ETKA and just as it did in the Audi Forum parking garage with the car shown above in our instrument cluster photo.

When the S1 does finally drop, we expect it to look a LOT like the car in the render at the top. If it drops before the A1 facelift, then the above image should be VERY close to production with latest S-car grille and brightwork. If it drops after the facelift, expect subtle changes in line with the latest S4 and S5.