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VW Cross Coupe: Live impressions from Tokyo Motor Show

VW Cross Coupe

VW has launched the VW Cross Coupe concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Enjoy the live impressions!

Klaus Bischoff, Executive Director of Volkswagen Design, has confirmed that the Volkswagen Cross Coupé concept shown at the Tokyo motor show shows off design themes of all future SUVs friom the company.
“It is the future face of all VW SUVs,” he said.
The Cross Coupé previewed the bold new look of its second-generation Tiguan. Sitting on the German car maker’s versatile new MQB platform, the new four-seater, four-wheel drive petrol-electric hybrid is officially described as a cross between a four-door coupé and compact SUV, which has led many to speculate that Volkswagen is considering a second compact off-roader model in the mould of the Range Rover Evoque.

However, Volkswagen sources close to design boss Walter de Silva have confirmed to Autocar that the Cross Coupé has a broader brief in previewing a new design lineage that will be adopted by all of the company’s upcoming SUV models, including the next Tiguan due out in 2014.