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VW SUV: Latest intel about three-row SUV

VW three-row SUV

We have the latest intel about VW’s rumored third row SUV.

Now Car and Driver reports that a three-row Honda Pilot and Ford Explorer fighter will be built, and it will “almost definitely” be assembled in Tennessee or Mexico. It might use the Passat’s platform, the rumored engine is VW’s 3.6-liter V6, and its MSRP is expected to strongly challenge those of its competitors (in the manner of the Jetta and Passat’s newly competitive price strategies).

The same report claims that VW is working on a Tiguan more suited to American tastes, which probably means turning it into something more like a Jetta crossover than a Golf CUV. Last year, there were several reports that Volkswagen was considering moving both Golf and Tiguan production to North America, and a Stateside-leaning Tiguan might mean now is the right time to do so.