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VW XL1: Production in 2013


VW has confirmed that the VW XL1 will enter production in 2013. Great milestone!

Remember the XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) diesel-electric hybrid concept that Volkswagen unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show this past January? Martin Winterkorn, CEO of the VW Group, told to Autonews Europe that development plans for the ultra-efficient two-seater model are proceeding.
“We will start small series production by 2013 – in Germany,” Winterkorn told the publication.

The XL1, which will reportedly be manufactured in either Dresden or Wolfsburg, is powered by a 27HP electric motor and a 48HP two-cylinder turbodiesel with a capacity of just 0.8-liters. The combined output of the two powerplants is 75HP.

Thanks to the use of lightweight materials like magnesium, ceramics, aluminum and CFRP, the XL1 tips the scales at just 795 kg (1,752 pounds).