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Porsche Boxster: First ride report with next generation!

Porsche Boxster

Here’s an interesting first ride report with the new Porsche Boxster.

The third-generation Porsche Boxster is now just four months away from a planned debut at next year’s Geneva motor show. But before the German car maker’s boss Mathias Muller granted the mid-engined roadster a definitive production go-ahead back in October, Autocar joined a team of development engineers in California as they put the final test miles on prototype versions.
Codenamed 981, the new Boxster represents a big break, both in terms of engineering and philosophy, from its predecessor. Following on from developments brought to the latest 911, the strict two-seater is not only larger dimensionally but also sports an aluminium bodyshell that is claimed to be the “the lightest car in its class,” according to Boxster development boss Hans-Jürgen Wӧhler.