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Audi TT: Test mule spy shots of next generation

Audi TT

Here are some hot test mule spots of the next-generation Audi TT.

Granted, the bodywork is pretty much current TT so some might argue there’s not much to fuss about but we do notice at least one change: note the hexagonal style grille. Our best guess is that the car is wearing a grille shaped like the new one in order to better simulate cooling but that’s utterly and entirely a guess.

What we do know about the car is that the new TT will migrate to the same MQB architecture planned for the A3 and other Volkswagen Group offerings. Likely the TT will retain its aluminum space frame or perhaps make more use of different materials like CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) to make for better performance and economy. We’re keeping our fingers crossed as well that Audi is planning for a rear Sport Differential as they have in the S4 because the Haldex-based quattro system expected to be employed uses a similar setup in its XWD format, already seen in production briefly by Saab before the latter went belly up.