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Bentley SUV: Most likely to come!

Bentley SUV

Bentley is expecting a positive decision on the SUV model in the beginning of 2012. Interesting side effect: this would make a better case also for the Lamborghini version of such SUV.

Buoyed by its best sales results since the 2008 global financial crisis Bentley looks set to give the go ahead for a new upscale SUV to be launched sometime in 2014 and come powered by a 12-cylinder engine.

Importantly, Bentley intends for its model to be positioned above any SUV currently on the market, which means pricing is likely to start at more than $140,000.

At a recent press event Bentley boss Wolfgang Duerheimer said that Volkswagen Group’s upper management will make the final call in the first quarter of 2012, adding that he expected a “positive decision,” The Wall Street Journal reports.