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VW BlueSport Roadster: On hold!

VW BlueSport Roadster

Unfortunately it looks like the VW BlueSport Roadster might not make it into production.

The good news is that the BlueSport, which even in its concept form looked like it could enter production with only a few minor tweaks, is virtually ready to offer some open-top, rear-wheel drive affordable pleasure to potential buyers. At least that’s what VW’s engineering boss, Uli Hackenberg, told Autocar magazine.

The bad news is that the BlueSport Roadster probably won’t make it into production because it just won’t sell the necessary numbers to make it viable. “It’s not a technology problem, but of finding enough customers. I don’t have enough sales volume to get the go-ahead,” said Hackenberg.

VW’s bean counters estimate that to get the green light, the BlueSport needs to sell at least 50,000 units annually. They don’t expect it to be a success in the world’s biggest market for roadsters, the U.S., so the project is still on hold.