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VW Golf GTI: Scooped! We have the latest intel!


We have the latest scoop about the new VW Golf GTI.

Model for model, new Golfs will be at least 70kg lighter than the ones they replace. Savings come from extra high-strength steel in the shell, optimised suspensions, and lighter engines and ancillaries.

But there’s more to it than that. Volkswagen has patented a special welding process that means it can build GTI bodyshells with aluminium roofs, mixed up along the production line with steel-roofed regular Golfs. This means the weight drop for the GTI will be about 100kg compared with now, because it will have aluminium welded into the shell as well as in bolt-ons like the bonnet.

That’s enough to be felt. The car will be more agile, and with less weight to pull the engine it will have an easier time of it. We understand that the motor won’t go much beyond about 230bhp, but by switching to the Audi Valvelift system, it will be torquier than today – up to nearly 260lb ft.

There is lots of progress that will make the handling even sharper than now.