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Audi Q5: Facelift spy shots and latest intel!

Audi Q5

We found some brand new spy shots of the upcoming facelift of the Audi Q5 as well as some new intel. A must read!

Sources tell us the finalized Q5 will see the light of computer screens or a show stand perhaps as early as April. When it does come, we already know it will boast similar upgrades as the A4 and A5-based offerings including Audi connect with Google maps-based navigation. An exterior freshening too will help bring the car up to date with Audi Design, most visible on this test mule with the newer S-line chin look first released on the current A6.

Perhaps most interesting about the new Q5 will be changes in drivetrain. Audi of America’s best-selling 3.2 variant will be replaced by the potent 3.0 TFSI – an engine already seen in the A6 and A7. The 2.0 TFSI will also continue in the USA though a 2.0 TFSI-based hybrid and a 3.0 TDI will follow close behind and in that order.