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VW Beetle TDI: Live impressions from Chicago Motor Show

VW Beetle TDI

Here are live impressions of the VW Beetle TDI from the Chicago Motor Show. Have a look!

Despite developing just 140 horsepower, its torque rating of 236 pound-feet will help the latest Bug really scoot – the automaker says this is the sportiest application of its TDI powerplant, and consumers will be offered a choice between a traditional six-speed manual or VW’s six-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission. According to Volkswagen, the Beetle TDI should earn 29 mpg city and 39 mpg highway.

Differentiating itself from the Beetle 2.5 and Turbo, the TDI arrives with unique 17-inch alloy wheels, additional exterior chrome and special badging. Inside, you’ll find a supplemental instrument pod with a turbo boost gauge, oil temperature gauge and a stopwatch.