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Audi A3: Exclusive test drive with next generation!

Audi A3

We found an exclusive test drive report of the next-generation Audi A3. Great!

On paper, the A3’s numbers look good. It weighs up to 80kg less than before, thanks to the lighter platform and aluminium bonnet and wings, and this cuts fuel consumption by an average of 12 per cent. This also means lower CO2 and running costs, plus more performance for the hot S and RS models when they arrive.

Sitting in the supportive front passenger seat, it’s immediately obvious that the longer wheelbase means more legroom. There’s a lot of space, even for passengers over six feet tall, while there’s slightly more room in the rear as well. Visibility is good, even though the waistline tapers up to create a smaller back screen.

The cabin has a less cluttered dash housing a new, thinner centre screen and A8-inspired touchwheel with handwriting recognition. There’s a familiar steering wheel – this is part of Audi’s branding philosophy that applies the same rim to all models, from the A1 to the R8. Plus, high-end driver assistance systems include adaptive cruise control.