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Audi A4 Superavant: The latest intel!

Audi A4 Superavant

Here’s the latest intel about Audi’s rumored Audi A4 Superavant.

Although the project is still in its infancy, it aims to plug the gap between the A4 Avant and the Q5/Q6 crossovers. The main driving force behind it is market research which points out that there is growing demand for a premium MPV – but only as long as it does not look like a tall, boxy pseudo-commercial vehicle.

Young families would thus only form a small portion of the target audience. Instead, the new Audi intends to attract DINKS, Woopies (well-off older people), golden agers and active leisured–oriented folks. Common to all these groups is the desire to sit high up for a better surround view, to occasionally accommodate a couple of friends, and to load sports equipment, holiday luggage or a few crates of wine purchased en route.