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Audi: Is Audi eyeing the purchase of Ducati?

Audi, Ducati

Latest street word has it that Audi might be interested in buying motorcycle company Ducati. Here’s the intel!

Ferdinand Piech’s dream may be on the verge of coming true: Audi is reaching out to potentially buy Ducati to bring Piech to the pinnacle of his entrepreneurial career with “Project Eagle.” As you read these lines, the integration of Porsche into the Volkswagen empire is nearing completion, and also due this year is the further consolidation of the truck business with increased synergy between Scania and MAN. And had it not been for General Motors’ unexpected rise to its former glory, the VW Group would have climbed to the global top of the sales chart long before its 2018 target date.
Just about the only element missing from Herr Piech’s dream of masterminding a world-beating motor vehicle manufacturer is — you guessed it — a prestigious motorcycle brand. According to the Wolfsburg grapevine, that brand may be Ducati, and a takeover deal engineered by the Audi division may be a lot closer than the parties involved would have us believe.