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Audi Q7: Spy shots of test mule!

Audi Q7

We found spy shots of a test mule for the next-generation Audi Q7.

This test vehicle is hiding the new Q7’s mechanicals under the crudely constructed body of the current generation.

We can clearly see that the track has been widened and it appears that the front axle has been moved further forward. The intakes at the front also appear different to the setup on the current Q7 and look to be positioned somewhat lower.

Once again the Q7 will be based on a common platform shared with the Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne. With the Volkswagen and Porsche SUVs, engineers managed to shed some 400 pounds with the introduction of the second-generation models, mostly via new construction processes that included increased use of aluminum and, in the case of the Cayenne, the removal of the previous generation’s two-speed transfer case.