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Audi quattro concept: Project halted!

Audi quattro concept

Unfortunately it seems also the Audi quattro concept project has been stopped and will not make it into production.

In a roundtable interview with quattro GmbH product boss Stefan Reil at the Geneva Motor Show this week, the German executive confirmed that a decision about the quattro Concept had been reached. Unfortunately for fans of the car, the car will not make it into production.

The large reason sighted was cost. In order to meet the extremely light weight targets of the project, the car would have been built entirely of expensive lightweight materials such as carbon fiber body panels and many components from aluminum and magnesium. Very little could have been shared from any current model Audi and that would have driven the price of this bespoke Audi coupe to a level where it was determined it would not have be viable and would have likely been north of the R8 GT.