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Audi R4, Audi R5: Baby R8 not coming after all!

Audi R4, Audi R5

Sad day for all Audi enthusiasts, the long-rumored Audi R4/Audi R5, basically a baby Audi R8, has not gotten the green lights for production.

…the proposed “little brother to the Audi R8” has been cancelled according to a highly placed source at Audi AG. Apparently when company directors looked into the feasibility it was determined that there just wasn’t enough room for a car to be placed between the top TT RS and the base R8.

In most markets, you can buy two TT RS for the price of an R8 and when this was pointed out to our source, the response was more a question of performance. While the price differential between the TT RS and the R8 is quite wide, the performance difference between the two cars is quite small.

When our source was asked about competition with Porsche being part of the reasoning the question was met with a somewhat blank response. If Porsche was a factor, this wasn’t going to be confirmed. Still you have to wonder why this choice has been made.