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Bentley EXP 9F: Already working on redesign!

Bentley EXP 9F

Mixed responses about the Bentley EXP 9F have led to the start of redesign for the Bentley SUV.

An inside source has told What Car? the EXP 9 F’s styling is “a little heavy handed” and that an alternative design is being worked on.

The source went on to reveal that Bentley’s designers are planning a more conventional SUV shape for the next iteration of the design, with less retro surfacing and slightly smaller headlights. The fog lights will remain, though these will reportedly be moved further inward from their current position at the outer edges of the EXP 9 F’s front bumper.

One design aspect that is expected to remain is the long wheelbase, which has been implemented to provide limo-like legroom in the rear. Bentley is targeting its SUV at customers in China, Russia, and the Middle-East, where it’s common for owners to ride in the back of their cars rather than do the driving themselves.