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VW up!: 4 new concepts coming to Geneva Motor Show

VW up!

VW will bring 4 brand new VW up! concepts to the Geneva Motor Show.

For Geneva next week, the cute little city car gets four new outfits: Swiss Up!, Winter Up!, X Up!, and Cargo Up!

The Swiss Up! is the red one, notable only in that the seat backs contain leather bands suitable for storing Swiss Army knives (seriously?). If you can’t figure out which one is the Winter Up!, perhaps you need to move further away from the equator. It’s based on the Cross Up! concept from Frankfurt, boasting the same higher ride height and underbody protection. Also based on the Cross Up! is the X Up! – that’s the orange one with the lights on it. Perhaps the most intriguing is the Cargo Up!, which gave up its rear seats in favor of a 49 cubic-foot cargo hold capable of caring a 939-pound payload.