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Audi Q1: Will be coming as Audi Q2?

Audi Q1, Audi Q2

We have the latest intel about the rumored Audi Q1 / Audi Q2. A must read!

First, it will come to market with a Q2 nameplate, not a Q1 badge. It will blend architecture from both the A1 and the MQB platform that the Volkswagen group will soon use to underpin just about everything, including the next Audi A3.

Engines will be shared with the A1, which means that the turbocharged 1.2-liter four-cylinder will serve as the base engine, at least in Europe. Buyers on that side of the pond will likely get to choose a diesel engine option, too.

Base Q2 models will be front-wheel-drive, but all-wheel-drive (via an electronic rear differential) will be available on higher trim models. Even equipped with all-wheel-drive, the Q2 will only be capable of light off-roading.