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Audi A3: Even more intel!

Audi A3

Here’s even more intel about the upcoming new Audi A3.

The third-generation Audi A3 is a technological tour de force, bringing gadgetry from the flagship A8 to the VW Golf-sized hatch.

This all-new model takes landmark sci-fi tech into the mainstream, setting a new benchmark for gadgets that will benefit buyers. It’s a real achievement – and the fact the tech appears in a premium hatch as well as a range-topping saloon is even more impressive.

The A3, which goes on sale in September, has the most capable infotainment system of any Audi hatchback. On top of the usual functions, such as sat-nav and phone controls, the new MDI set-up offers Google data including 3D Google Maps.

The optional Wi-Fi hotspot, with data accessed by your phone SIM card, enables up to eight devices to be hooked up to the A3. The system will allow full Internet access with real-time updates for, say, flight information and petrol station pricing. Further MDI capabilities include music streaming from either the 64GB hard drive or via the Web.