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Audi Q2: The latest intel!

Audi Q2

Here’s the latest intel about the Audi Q2. A must read!

Audi already has three SUVs, and the Q6 is in the pipeline – but that still isn’t enough. Sources insist the company is running prototypes of its smallest off-roader yet: the Nissan Juke-rivalling Q2.

Our exclusive images reveal the new baby SUV – which is expected to be previewed by a concept in the next 12 months. And as you can see, it will look sportier than the five-door Q3.

The compact body means it should be light enough to run the A1’s engine family, too, which will mean the latest 1.4-litre direct-injection four-cylinder turbo, complete with cylinder deactivation. With the lion’s share of sales expected in Europe, it will come with an efficient 1.6-litre diesel, too.

Inside, the Q2 is being set up as a strict four-seater, with a folding rear seat layout to maximise what promises to be limited luggage space. That’s because the roofline is expected to swoop down significantly to produce a smaller, high-rise SUV in the style of BMW’s X6.