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Audi R18: Now with a digital rearview mirror

Audi R18

Audi has put a digital rearview mirror into its Audi R18 Le Mans racecar.

The latest R18 Le Mans prototype features, among other more considerable advancements, an AMOLED screen in the closed cockpit that’s hooked up to a video camera, housed in carbon fiber and protruding ever so slightly from the tail fin. The system allows the drivers – who are put under enormous strain over the course of an endurance race – to clearly see the traffic coming up behind (or that they’ve just passed), which is apparently of great benefit considering that these mid-engined, closed-cockpit LMPs have no room for a rear window through which a conventional mirror would peer.

While they were at it, Audi moved the gear indicator, some warning lights and the tire slip gauge to the high-mounted central display.