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Porsche: Entry-level model cancelled

Porsche Boxster

There will be no entry-level Porsche below the Porsche Boxster.

There will be no entry-level roadster below the Boxster, Porsche CEO Matthias Müller told the Stuttgarter Zeitung today. It’s not that there won’t be lots of new customers for the bargain-Porsche. Current customers don’t want their brand to be devalued and debased, Müller says.

“The brand is the main reason to buy a Porsche. That’s why we need to see to it that the brand remains what it is, a desirable premium. If we would offer a car positioned below the Boxster, we would be talking to a completely new target group. If that would lose us the current Porsche customers, then we wouldn’t do our brand a big favor.”