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Porsche 911: First photo of new real targa roof!

Porsche 911

Here’s the first photo of a Porsche 911 prototype with a real targa roof!

No, that’s not a Type 991 Porsche 911 Cabriolet – look closely and you’ll see the first true Targa since the model variant disappeared from the Porsche 911 line in 1995. Oh yes, we know Porsche has been selling one in the interim, but to purists, the giant sunroof models of the past 17 years have been Targas in name only.

While we don’t exactly know how Porsche plans to package this blast from the past, it’s pretty clear from the spy photos that this car has a top with a removable center section that leaves the B-pillar intact. While the convertible disguise doesn’t allow us to discern much more, could it be too much to hope that the rear window is also removable?