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Porsche: No entry-level model below Boxster!

Porsche Boxster

Porsche has reconfirmed not to build an entry-level model below the Porsche Boxster.

A high-ranking Porsche official has reiterated that the company has no plans whatsoever to expand its automobile range with a car costing less than the firm’s current base model, the Boxster roadster, which starts from €48,291 in Germany, £37,589 in the UK and U$49,500 in the U.S.
“To build a Porsche for 30,000 euros [$38,000] currently doesn’t fit our brand,” Porsche’s head of sales and marketing Bernhard Maier told Automotive News.

“The extraordinary purchase experience is not for free and the entry price is currently covered with the Boxster and in the future by the Macan,” he added.