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Porsche Pajun: Latest intel, will look like this?

Porsche Pajun

Here’s the latest intel about the Porsche Pajun and a rendered pictured how it might look like.

Under the skin will be a cut-down version of the next-generation Panamera’s platform. Styling cues will be drawn from that car and the 911.

The narrow rear lights are inspired by Porsche’s iconic sports car, while the angular headlights and more rounded shape are both features of the latest Panamera.

The Pajun’s dynamics will also be a mix of the two models. Engineers aim to deliver a sharp and agile driving experience that’s suitable for everyday use, too.

And the company is keen not to sacrifice practicality – it has been reported a shooting brake estate is under development, alongside the Pajun saloon.

Under the bonnet, Porsche will offer the four-door coupe with a range of diesel and petrol engines, including a version of the 310bhp 3.0-litre V6 diesel used elsewhere in the VW Group.