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Bugatti: Inside the workshop


Great report here with insight views into the Bugatti workshop.

But it’s the new factory…, sorry Atelier, that I’ve come to visit. On opening the door, I am not assaulted by the usual clash of machinery, rattle of air hammers and blaring music that normally greets you when entering a workshop but, appropriately enough, inside Bugatti, there is almost monastic silence. Interestingly enough, Molsheim was a renowned religious community in the past and there’s still a Jesuit monastery nearby.

Each Veyron is assembled by a dedicated team of engineers that work on one car at a time.
The elliptical building is surprisingly compact, measuring only 249 ft. x 147 ft. but, then again there are only three workstations where the cars are assembled, each by a team of five dedicated engineers, responsible for the chassis, interior, electrics, exterior, and powertrain.

It would be an exaggeration to say the Veyron is manufactured here, rather a network of suppliers throughout Europe ship components and sub assemblies to Molsheim: VW builds the engine, the transmission comes from British specialists, Ricardo, glass for the windscreen from Switzerland, suppliers in Germany and Italy produce the carbon fiber monocoque and body panels, while Germany’s Draxelmaier provides the interior, AP Racing supply the brakes and Michelin the unique tires rated to a whopping 248 mph. In total there are 10 major suppliers with a myriad of smaller companies feeding into them. As an aside the wheels were originally machined by a specialist company in Moscow of all places.