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VW Golf VII, VW Golf GTI: US timeline confirmed, VW Golf GTD possible too

VW Golf VII, VW Golf GTI

VW has confirmed the US timeline for the VW Golf VII and the next-generation VW Golf GTI. And even the VW Golf GTD could be possible too!

The new Golf will go on sale in Europe in the spring of 2013 after making its debut at this fall’s Paris auto show; unfortunately, Americans will have to wait about six months longer until the fall of 2013 to get their hands on the car.

As for the sportier GTI model—a multiple 10Best-winning hot hatch—customers in the U.S. and Europe also will be able to get their mitts on one in the fall of 2013. (So we Americans at least will get both the normal and hotter GTI-spec Golfs at the same time.) Good thing, too, because the new GTI is expected to improve upon the current car’s already stellar formula.