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VW up!: Spotted in the US!

VW up!

The VW up! has been spotted in Washington. Nice!

Volkswagen of America, executive vice president of group communications, Tony Cervone, stated, “We now have products that are German-engineered, but are more affordable” when compared to other German competitors such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. However, “we have to have more core products.”
As a result, Volkswagen plans to increase annual production of the Chattanooga plant to 500,000 units while introducing several new models which include a less-expensive Tiguan compact SUV and a seven-passenger crossover, according to analysts IHS Automotive Consulting in Northville, Michigan.
Adding to the new model speculation further, photos of the Europe-only Volkswagen Up sub-compact model wearing Virginia rear plates and German front plates were recently taken at the Foggy Bottom metro station in Washington DC.