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Audi A4: Next generation comes with e-quattro!

Audi A4 e-quattro

Here’s the latest intel about the next-generation Audi A4 and its rumored e-quattro system. A must read!

Audi’s biggest selling car, the A4, will be replaced in two years’ time. Codenamed B9, the new saloon arrives first in 2014, followed by the Avant in early 2015 – and it’ll be the first Audi to premiere the company’s new electric Quattro drivetrain and not one but two hybrid options.

So while the A4 still looks recognisably like an Audi saloon (that is to say, exactly like a baby A6/junior A8), the technology underpinning the sober body is radically new. As ever under the VW firmament, there’s a new acronym to describe the oily bits: the new MLBevo matrix.