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Audi A8: Next generation without aluminum body and FWD?

Audi A8

There seem to be thoughts at Audi to ditch aluminum and FWD for the next-generation Audi A8. Latest intel here!

But things could really change with the next full redesign, expected to hit the market for 2016 or 2017. Audi sources tell us that the all-aluminum body likely will be replaced by an “aluminum hybrid,” which would include high-strength steel and composite materials. Moreover, the A8 could be shifted onto the modular standard architecture, which currently is being developed by Porsche as the basis for the next-generation Panamera and upcoming Bentley sedans. The next A8 could be the first post-war Audi sedan to use a rear-wheel-drive platform (with the exception of DTM race cars), similar to the rear-drive–biased Panamera 4.