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Audi: Missing 1939 Auto Union Type D recovered

Auto Union Type D

A missing Auto Union Type D has been recovered by Audi.

After a decade-long search, Karassik, relying on family contacts in Russia, finally managed to track down the remains of two dismantled Auto Union cars, one in Russia and the other in the Ukraine. The list of parts included engines, chassis, axles and gearboxes, all of which were then flown to Florida, where Karassik was living at the time.

1939 Auto Union Type D twin-supercharger race carIn 1990 Karassik called on some expect authenticators, including the people at Audi’s official vehicle restoration department Audi Tradition, which acted as advisors for the planned restoration. The Karassiks entrusted the rebuilding of their racing cars to Brit firm Crosthwaite & Gardiner, which already possessed the extensive know-how needed for the restoration of historic racing cars.

After detailed examination of the racing cars’ components, it was decided to rebuild a Type D single-supercharger racing car to 1938 specification, and a Type D racing car in the 1939 version with twin supercharger. In both cases a complete replica body had to be constructed since none of the original body panels survived.