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VW Golf VII: First details emerge, latest intel here!


We have the very latest official intel for you about the new VW Golf VII. Make sure to read!

It will be unveiled on September 4th and now we know that the German automaker has managed to shave off 100 kg (220 lb) compared to the Golf VI by using stronger steel for minimizing the metal content, which will result in a 23 percent lower fuel consumption and 13.9 percent less CO2 emissions.
These new materials along with the related production processes are part of the VW Group’s MQB modular manufacturing system that will be used for no less than 40 small to mid-sized models, representing 3.5 million vehicles, according to an official statement made by VW at its base in Wolfsburg, Germany.
By implementing this shared architecture, the German automaker estimates a 20 percent reduction of production costs, 20 percent lower one-time expenses and also a 30 percent shorter manufacturing time. With the savings made, Volkswagen will use the money for developing new models and also upgrading the in-car entertainment systems.