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VW Golf R: Next generation will come with 276bhp!

VW Golf R

The next-generation VW Golf R is said to receive 276bhp. Awesome!

The new Golf R is set to join the Mk7 line-up by this time next year — more than a year earlier than traditional timing would dictate. It is expected to ditch its current ‘EA113’ 2.0 turbo engine for the more contemporary ‘EA888’ unit.

The new 2.0-litre turbo four-pot, which will also see service in the upcoming Audi S3, receives Audi’s patented valve lift system along with the latest in piezo-valve-guided direct injection.

Nothing is confirmed just yet, but VW officials hint at a slight increase in power ouput, with the peak likely to rise from the 266bhp of the outgoing model to somewhere in the region of 276bhp.