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VW Golf VII: Is this it?


Here are some “leaked” images of the VW Golf VII. Is this it? We will know later today, right after the debut in Berlin.

These could be the first images of the Volkswagen Golf 7 in its final appearance. The photos, apparently taken from a leaflet, could anticipate the lines of the car that will be unveiled tomorrow. If these images will turn out to be true, the new generation of the Volkswagen Golf would not mark a dramtic change in terms of style, with the sides showing the same sort of ‘veins’ we have seen in recent Audi models as well as slightly revised tail-lights and a differnt bumper.
In addition to that image of the outside, on the internet are currently circulating two images on the interior: the first one allows us to see what could be the new instrumentation panel and dashboard of the Volkswagen Golf MK7, with a new three-spoke chrome steering wheel, an updated infotainment system and an overall design is heavily inspired by the previous versions of the model, with climate control and round air vents in classic VW style.