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Audi quattro Sport: Not going into production!

Audi quattro Sport

The long-awaited Audi quattro Sport will not make it into production, here’s the latest intel!

Despite the fact that Quattro GmbH boss Stephan Reil was optimistic about the chances of the concept being produced in limited numbers of around 500-1,000 units per year, the project is now dead, according to a report from the UK’s Car Magazine.

The reason is because the automaker is more interested in the booming SUV and crossover segments, and believes a modern reincarnation of the original Quattro Coupe is a niche not worth pursuing.

If the magazine’s report proves to be true, the coupe has been killed off in favor of a coupe-like crossover based on the upcoming Q2, which was previewed at the Paris Auto Show by the Crosslane Coupe.