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Porsche: Latest intel about hiring spree of Formula 1 crew!

Porsche Formula 1

Here’s the latest intel why Porsche is currently on a hiring spree of a Formula One team.

In recent months, Porsche has hired some half-dozen employees with Formula One racing experience, including former BMW F1 head of logistics Fritz Enzinger. Enzinger will be tasked with heading Porsche’s Le Mans effort, so it’s clear that he’s surrounding himself with the best personnel available.

It’s also built up its Weissach facility to fully support a factory racing effort, equipping it with a state of the art wind tunnel. Porsche’s drivers are also booking time in McLaren’s Formula One simulators, leading some to suspect that its renewed Le Mans effort is only a stepping stone to Formula One.

The upcoming change to turbocharged 1.6-liter V-6 engines and hybrid drivetrains in Formula One could make the sport more appealing to Porsche, especially if the proposed cost caps are enacted.