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VW: 3-row SUV for US to debut at Detroit Auto Show

VW 3-row SUV

The long-rumored 3-row SUV for the US market is now said to debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

Yesterday, we were able to confirm that Volkswagen will make a three-row SUV and that it will be sold and manufactured in the U.S. Today, we can tell you that Volkswagen will launch a three-row SUV concept at the Detroit auto show in January. Our sources familiar with the project confirm the concept’s Detroit debut, corroborating a report from Autoweek.

The concept—predictably—will preview the upcoming three-row SUV that will slot in between the Tiguan and the Touareg models in Volkswagen’s lineup. Technologically, it will be based on the new MQB platform, which is an evolution of the Tiguan’s PQ35/46 platform and underpins the new Golf. Although the new SUV will split VW’s sport-ute lineup, monetarily, it will fall closer to the Tiguan’s $23,820 point of entry than it will the Touareg’s sticker price of $44,300.