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VW Phaeton: Coming back to US!

VW Phaeton

The VW Phaeton will return to the US.

Volkswagen is working on a new version of the Volkswagen Phaeton, its over-the-top luxury sedan and will bring the car to the U.S., it told Edmunds.

The new Phaeton, which is expected to debut around 2015, will use Volkswagen Group’s lightweight aluminum body architecture, which should improve its fuel efficiency over the current steel-bodied car.

“We are working on it now,” said Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Volkswagen’s research and development chief. “The new car will be offered in the U.S.”

The revised Phaeton is expected to target the Jaguar XJ and be pitched much the same way as the original sedan was to Americans: as an alternative to showier models.