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Audi Q8: High-end SUV coupe approved!

Audi Q8

Here’s the latest intel about the now greenlighted Audi Q8, Audi’s latest high-end SUV coupe.

Think of the Q8 as the crossover equivalent of the A8: Audi is planning multiple versions of its limo in future, and is mulling over a regular SWB A8, a LWB A8 and, maybe, a four-seater A9 coupe as well – all competing with the taller, high-riding Q8.

The existing range of Audi Q models use odd numbers, denoting ‘regular’ SUV shapes: Q3, Q5 and Q7 are boxy, upright 4x4s. Now it’s preparing a range of even-numbered additions, from Q2, Q4, Q6 and – here – the Q8. They’re coupe-inspired, lower, sportier.