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Audi A1 quattro: Faster than a Nissan GT-R on a wet track, thanks to quattro!

Audi A1 quattro

If you are still not sure why quattro is the superior 4-wheel drive technology, then just watch this video of am Audi A1 quattro beating a Nissan GT-R on a wet track. Awesome!

His verdict was that the Nissan GT-R Track Pack, fine supercar that it is, was all over the place as it was too heavy and couldn’t put its excessive power down on the road. The A1 Quattro, on the other hand, was much more composed and it could run rings (pun intended) around the Nissan.

To prove his point, he even did timed laps in both cars. You may want to sit down, because the A1 was way faster than the GT-R (no spoilers; you’ll have to watch the video to find out by how much).