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Audi R20: More intel about the diesel-hybrid supercar

Audi R20

Here’s the latest intel about the Audi R20, the diesel-hybrid supercar.

The Audi R20 will take inspiration from the Audi’s Le Mans-winning R18 racers and is likely to favour a diesel-hybrid powertrain incorporating a twin-turbo V6 engine for an expected power output of around 410kW. Add to this a lightweight body and two 56kW electric motors driving the front wheels, and the Audi R20 should present a compelling power-to-weight proposition.

In order to break the usual supercar styling mould, Audi plans to equip the R20 with a full-length tailfin, modelled off the R18 Le Mans cars. Other design features include a single-frame grille, stacked LED headlamps, ventilated front and rear wings, an adjustable rear spoiler that could possibly double as an air brake, and a canopy-style cockpit with gullwing doors.