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Audi TT: Latest intel about next generation, will move closer to Audi R8

Audi TT

We have the latest intel about the next-generation Audi TT which is said to move closer to the Audi R8.

Under its lightweight skin, the next TT will be based on the MQB modular-transversal architecture, a front- and all-wheel-drive platform equipped with four- or five-cylinder engines. The straight-five, in fact, will play a growing role in Audi’s lineup. It will be offered in several power levels across the brand’s lineup. The top-of-the-line TT RS will produce close to 400 horsepower.

As the mid-engine sports car known as the R4 has been put on hold indefinitely, there is a considerable gap between the current TT and the R8. Taking the TT upmarket will narrow the gap between the two. And the sharpened styling language offers the chance to create a new icon—a quality that has been lost with the second-generation TT, which toned down its predecessor’s unique look.