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VW CrossBlue Concept: Officially revealed, live impressions from Detroit Motor Show

VW CrossBlue Concept

VW has officially revealed the VW CrossBlue Concept and we have some live impressions for you from the Detroit Motor Show.

The CrossBlue is officially a concept and the plug-in diesel-electric powertrain is classic auto-show fare, but it’s otherwise very close to the three-row SUV we’ll see from VW in a year or two.

“A Volkswagen Made for America”

Volkswagen’s characterization of the CrossBlue—and the production model, which will have a different name—as being “made for America” cuts two ways. It’s not just a vehicle designed for American tastes, but to serve as a main player in VW’s quest for American sales growth. With seating for six or seven, the three-row crossover will be targeted at the Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, and Nissan Pathfinder.

In that spirit, VW designers Klaus Bischoff and Walter De’Silva styled the CrossBlue to incorporate key characteristics of American SUVs: giant wheel arches, a wide stance, and a generally masculine look. They succeeded—if only because the thing is practically a dead ringer for one of the leading American 4x4s, Jeep’s Grand Cherokee. Don’t expect much of the styling to change on the production model.