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VW CC Shooting Brake: In the works?

VW CC Shooting Brake

Street word has it that VW is working on a VW CC Shooting Brake. Here’s the latest intel!

Senior VW officials say that the new five-door model, depicted here in an exclusive computer-generated image, has been conceived to join a successor to today’s swoopy four-door saloon in a second-generation line-up based on Volkswagen’s versatile MQB platform.

The next Passat is tentatively scheduled for launch in early 2015. The model is set to grow in size, with the overall length said to extend to almost 4900mm. This is aimed at more successfully filling the gap in the line-up between the Passat and range-topping Phaeton.

The bigger dimensions will also provide the basis for improvements in interior packaging, including greater rear seat accommodation. As with today’s CC, the new model will use a range of transversely mounted four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. A plug-in petrol-electric hybrid is also likely.