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Audi: Latest intel about their range expansion plans

Audi RS Q3

We have the latest intel about Audi’s expansion plans for you.

The firm’s first RS-badged SUV, the RS Q3, made its debut at Geneva today, and Dürheimer said there was an appetite for even more RS Audis. New RS6 Avant and RS7 models have already been shown, and Dürheimer said “demand is growing for RS” and models like the Q3 RS exist because “the customers want them”.

“The Q3 RS is a new dimension for RS but there’s certainly room for more,” he told Autocar. “RS models demonstrate the technical edge of Audi.”

There are no current plans for a diesel RS, Dürheimer confirmed, but the firm “had a lot of additional ideas” on future RS models, as well as a greater number of S models in its range.

Dürheimer said that although Audi was now fully committed to future technologies, such as electric cars and hybrids through models like the A3 e-tron, another Geneva debut, there would still always be high-performance Audi models in the range.